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Abid Alam

Abid Alam,the Managing Director of Alam Group of Companies has contributed to the economic growth of Uganda with subsidiary companies. These are not limited to steel manufacturing, aluminum processing, agricultural implements, footwear, sugar manufacture and electricity generation. He has provided thousands of nationals, jobs and families, a shoulder to lean on.

A photo of Abid Alam with the His Excellence The President of Uganda

Abid Alam’s family has lived in Uganda for generations and these investments have purely been based on the love he’s had for his Country. As they say, there’s no better place like Home.

Uganda having so many child hood memories, Abid Alam had a dream to make it a better place. His enthusiasm and love for development is what we see from all these subsidiary companies under Alam Group of Companies.

Alam’s Theory

As we all know that the job market for recent graduates could be higher, Abid Alam understands what a fresh graduate has to offer. Instead of looking at it as a weakness, he values it. There’s nothing that’s as valuable as a fresh mind with the willingness to explore the practical world.

This doesn’t mean that most of our employees are Fresh Graduates. Working in a multi-generational office is not a new concept, but there is more diversity in the workplace today than ever before. Ensuring that every one is empowered to do their best work is crucial to the continued prosperity of the economy.

As is always true, older workers can teach younger colleagues a thing or two. But education is a two-way street, and older workers can also learn from newer hires. Here are a few of those lessons

What Abid Alam believes Older Workers Can Teach Younger Workers

  • Younger workers have not gone through the recession of the early times, and there are still people in the workplace who remember that kind of Depression.
  • It may be out of fashion these days, but sticking with one employer or boss has its own rewards. Alam believes that Older workers know what it means to commit through thick and thin.
  • Whether it’s corporate policies, company politics or industry knowledge, older workers know the ropes.
  • Older workers are social animals who are very skilled at one-on-one relationships.
  • Older workers usually have a good understanding of what they regret in their career choices.
  • For years, younger workers have been taken care of by parents and their communities, but now they’re on their own.
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