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Casements Africa Limited

Under the leadership of Mr. Manzur Alam and Mr. Abid Alam, Casements Africa Limited has flourished and has achieved a market share of about 80% holding of products dominance in the East African Region. Currently, the Company has diversified its activities to the production and trading of multiple types of products. The company is currently the largest manufacturer of Aluminium and Steel fabrications and other interior products in Uganda.

Almost every landmark building in Uganda features our products. The company’s products are sold all over Uganda and its neighbouring countries through direct marketing. The company has over 300 employees who receive periodic refresher training that helps them to deal with the changing trends, especially in the fast-paced construction industry.

Under Casements (A) Ltd we operate two world-renowned brand service centres: HILTI Uganda (dealing in Drilling, Grinding and all Related Machines for construction Purposes) and KARCHER Products Service Center Uganda. In addition, to operating a powder coating division, we have a Sister company in Kigali Rwanda under the Casements Africa Umbrella. After a successful campaign in Uganda, Casements (A) LTD extended its wings to other African countries including Rwanda thus giving birth to Casements (A) LTD –Rwanda in 2002.

What makes us unique is that we manufacture our products to suit our client’s specifications in terms of size, colour be it for our Glass, Steel, Aluminium or our Net products. Our charges are also based on the type of project whether it is a commercial or residential and the distance from the factory to the Client’s project upon delivery of the products.


To establish Casements (A) Ltd as the most distinguished one-stop centre for high profile/ excellent building products in Uganda and the surrounding region in order to always render the best services and solutions to exterior and interior building profiles.


Casements (A) Limited is committed and will be guided in all it does by the need to satisfy customers, to comply with all applicable ISO 9001:2008 Quality system requirements, and to achieve continual improvement in every aspect of company performance.
Casements (Africa) Limited is also committed to delivering specifically and satisfactorily to all its stakeholders (shareholders, customers, staff, the community and the government) value for their money and/or commitment.

Range of products:

Aluminium Windows:

We manufacture and install a large range of Aluminium Windows for all applications for Commercial, Industrial and residential customers alike which include sliding windows, Side Hung, Top Hung, and Fixed. Aluminium sliding windows are both functional and durable. They are the ultimate low maintenance window style due to few moving parts; the sliding window is a classic design that will suit most architectural styles. The operating sash slides on adjustable minimal friction nylon rollers, along an aluminium track, providing a smooth opening and closing action. In considering ventilation, top hung windows prove both effective and versatile. The top-hung window is a classic design that will suit most architectural styles.

Aluminum Doors:

In our quest to offer the best we produce a wide range of unique aluminium doors and door products for our esteemed clients. These easy to use, durable sliding doors are noiseless and easy to fit in place. Our door range comprises aluminium door handles, aluminium bottom bolts, aluminium door stoppers among others. They can be customized to the client’s tastes and are offered at the best market rates. We produce a variety of unique doors including sliding door, sliding & folding door, automatic sliding door, side hung doors, single and double doors.

Aluminum Partitioning:

We offer Aluminum Partitions of the finest quality in the Ugandan market. These partitions work like false walls and can be installed in a building or any outdoor place. The partitions are manufactured from highly durable and premium grade raw materials. Because special care is taken during their production, our Aluminum Partitions can be customized as per the Client’s requirement. The beauty of these Aluminum Partitions lies in the fact that they are easy to install, are highly durable and are affordable.

Aluminium Composite Panels (ACP) Cladding:

We offer an innovative array of Aluminum Composite Panels designed to deck-up corporate exteriors. Our panels are compounded with aluminium sheet and have a non-toxic polyethene core. They are available in any desired quantity and are presented at the best rates in the market. Our panels are longlasting, resistant to abrasion and corrosion and yet are affordable.


Casements railings offer virtually unlimited design options. Designers can create one-of-a-kind railing systems by selecting their choice of top rail profiles, infill options of glass, pickets or metal panels, slab covers, decorative patterns, and colours. Since all products are fully manufactured in-house, we can assemble and powder coat to your exact project requirements and specifications. Our new heavy duty Aluminium profiles give a wide span of uninterrupted railing adding beauty to your balcony, atrium, walkways or staircases. The corrosion resistant qualities of our aluminium provide a low maintenance material that is resistant to weathering under a range of harsh environmental conditions. Unlike many other materials, it will not swell, crack, split or warp over time.

Suspended Ceiling:

We have a range of ceiling products; decorative gypsum ceiling, acoustic, perforated, aluminium and normal ceiling boards with the best accessories from our renowned suppliers. Our range includes a full range of suspended solutions: Grids and accessories for all ceiling suspension requirements: 15mm, 24mm, 35mm, bandraster, designer grids, and a comprehensive range of performance systems like corrosive resistant, clean room or seismic suspension systems, for special applications such as swimming pools and healthcare environments. The Axiom Canopy allows specifiers to play with different planes and levels to create floating ‘ceiling clouds’. Special sizes, colours and shapes are also available.

Steel Gates:

Our Steel Gates are durable and of the best quality, weatherproof and rustproof they are a lifelong investment. Because we have our client’s best interests at heart, we have invested a lot of time, manpower and the latest technology to bring you the best Steel construction products in the East African Market.

Collapsible Grills:

Collapsible Grills with single or double leaves are made in any specified sizes. They are widely used at public places such as theatres, music halls, factories, mills, institutions and homes. These grills are easy to erect and occupy little space. Our manufactured Collapsible Grills permit full ventilation and lets in light.

Roller Shutter:

Casements Africa limited produces quality, top Hung Roller Shutters. These shutters are made up with channels, lattice bars of flat iron and partitions which are made galvanized sheets properly knurled for rigidity. These are connected to each other with special ribs, which occupy minimum space when the door is open.


Trellidor is one of the most trusted names in barrier security in the World. Internationally they are best known for their Trellidor Trojan, certified for its strength by the LPCB (London-based Loss Prevention Certification Board). They have designed and manufactured steel security barriers for doors and windows since 1976. Their research and development team has stayed in step with the challenging South African market, improving on products offering new technology and materials as they become available.

Burglar Proof:

Casements Africa limited produces quality, top Hung Roller Shutters. These shutters are made up with channels, lattice bars of flat iron and partitions which are made galvanized sheets properly knurled for rigidity. These are connected to each other with special ribs, which occupy minimum space when the door is open.

Mini Homes:

These are ideal for use at army, police and prisons barracks or outposts. Farmhouses, security cabins, farm buildings, site offices, club houses, stores, & servants quarters. They are manufactured from high quality galvanized and color steel. They are fireproof, Rot proof and need no maintenance. These instant mini homes require no skilled labor or tools due to their unique design. Casements mini homes have excellent ventilation and are surprisingly cool during hot weather.

They come in three series:

Pyramid: Has expansion flexibility and is available in three sizes

Circular: Available in four standard sizes

Oval: Available in four standard sizes but can be expanded or reduced to fit the client’s specifications.

Glass Products:

We are the manufacturers and suppliers of glass walls/partitions, cabinet glass, furniture glass, glass counter tops, shop display counters, shop fronts/displays and other decorative glass at the Casements (A) Ltd. Our glass design products at Casements (A) Ltd include: Personalized, Sand Blasted, Glass Etching, Glass Mementos, Carved Glass, Decorative Mirrors, Machine Ground and Bevelled Glass in various Colours & Tints, Laminated Glass, Reflective Glass and Glass Sky Lights. We also do etching, designing, sand blasting, bending and momentous of various types of glasses. Decorative glass or textured glass is used in smaller projects, usually with interior applications such as glass cabinets for bathrooms, furniture glass, glass partitions and glass room dividers, glass counter tops and decorative glass windows to only name a few. Heavier glass typically used on the exterior of many buildings and business towers! Casements Glass has gathered its vast inventory of truly unique glass from around the world, and makes it conveniently available to at our 5th Street Industrial Area Casements Complex . Now, you have direct access to the nation’s largest, single source of unique, decorative architectural glass in the country!

Powder Coating:

The Ugandan construction market is constantly evolving with Clients always on the lookout for higher quality and durability in the products they buy. Not only do they expect these products to perform flawlessly, they expect them to last for even longer than before as well. Here at Casements, we have set up a Powder Coating plant so that we can offer the customer the best possible finish that will last for considerably. The process is completely different to paint and no liquids or solvents are involved. The powder is heated to form a continuous Plastic film on top of the Aluminum part. We use Thermoset Plastic powders to ensure that we are giving our customer the best finish available. Thermoset powder coating differs from Thermoplastic not only in the process but also in the characteristics of the coating itself. Thermoset powder coating requires a gun to electrically charge the powder so that it sticks to the Aluminum. The Aluminum is then passed through the oven where the powder melts and fusion bonds to the surface. A characteristic unique to Thermoset powder is that it contains a heat sensitive catalyst which is activated at a higher temperature. Once this temperature is reached then it remains there for some time to allow the catalyst to cross link the molecular structure of the plastic coating. This enables the plastic to form a strong, hard, continuous film. This system allows us to offer the client the best aesthetics with the toughest durability. At Casements, we hold stock of the most popular colors but we can order in any color of your choice. We use Jotun powders in our plant because they are the best. This Norwegian company has been at the forefront of powder coating technology.

Sky Light:

Skylights are made of polycarbonate sheets which are commonly called transparent steel due to their impact resistance and glass like clarity. Its advanced energy efficient technology transfers the maximum amount of sunlight and minimum of heat from the rooftop to your interior for the brightest natural light. Skylights are a perfectly ideal medium for roofing, pathways, shopping arcades, canopies, greenhouses, industrial glazing etc. because of its combined mechanical & optical design.

Shading System:

A shading system is an exterior protection used to protect spaces or buildings from sunlight. It may be a perforated screen, a tensile structure or a series of panels. Elements projecting horizontally from a facade block the sun. Other systems use panels that are vertical or parallel to the facade.

Vertical Blinds:

Our Standard Range of Vertical Blinds are available at good costs to meet the needs of our customers and a come in a range of colors and patterns. Vertical Blinds are ideal for replacing curtains and giving your space a fresh new look, they are the perfect combination of functionality and design. They come in various patterns and colors making it easy for to integrate them into your home. You can have your vertical blinds custom made and decide on their appearance here at Casements (A) Limited. Vertical blinds are a stylish, economical way to cover any window size or door opening; they can be pulled back out of the way to expose a desired view – without having a significant amount of fabric obstructing the window as with curtains. A simple operation of the cord or mono control wand allows total privacy at night. They are easy to use and eliminate unsightly cords and chains from hanging down around window and door openings making it completely safe around children. The chainless bottom weights further increase safety makes cleaning a breeze and avoids maintenance in the future. Our extensive range of fabrics means you can enhance the existing color scheme in your room – or create a new look and feel to your room. Our extensive industry experience and knowledge is offered in a non-intrusive way to help you make an informed decision.

Projects Completed by Casements (A) Limited

  • Greenland Towers
  • N. W. & S. C. – Jinja
  • Makerere University (Renovation)
  • Toyota (U) Ltd
  • UDB Towers
  • Celtel House
  • Allied Bank (Renovation)
  • Crane Bank Towers
  • Transroad’s Commercial Plaza
  • C. M. C. Showroom – Nakawa
  • Bank of Uganda (Mbarara)
  • MTN Switching Centre (Portbell Road)
  • Tropical Africa Bank (Renovation)
  • N. I. C Towers (Renovation)
  • Shell, Caltex & Total Petrol Station (Renovation)
  • Simbamanyo Building
  • Bank of Uganda (Gulu)
  • Pan Africa Commodities – Kawempe
  • Century Bottling Co. Namanwe
  • Nakawa House – Ntinda
  • Queen’s Chamber – Parliament Avenue
  • Speke Resort – Munyonyo
  • IPS Building – Parliament Avenue
  • Golf Course Holding / Garden City
  • Diamond Trust Building (Renovation)
  • World Health Organization – Hannington Road
  • Crested Towers
  • Uganda Development Bank
  • Uganda Golf Club – Extension
  • Civil Aviation Authority, Entebbe
  • UMA Conference Hall, Lugogo
  • Wildlife Authority, Kira Road
  • Centre of Disease Control, Entebbe
  • Uganda Virus Research Institute, Rakai
  • DFID, British Embassy Complex
  • Prime Impex
  • Gulf Stream Housing Project
  • Krishna Construction – Jamal Ramji
  • Royal Palm Project, Butabika

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